Water SRVC water portfolio security planning method.

Water utilities face unprecedented challenges that threaten service reliability and sustainability. Prepare for the unforeseeable by hiring Ruddell Environmental to build resilience into your water supply portfolio during your next comprehensive planning cycle! We invented this water security analysis method, and nobody does it better.

More can be read about this Water SRVC model here:  

Municipal supply chain and environmental footprint analysis

Cities have supply chains. Your lifeline supply chains are a key to your community's safety, security, welfare, and resilience. Your city's environmental impact and environmental security depends mostly on your supply chain's footprints- for instance, more than 80% of your city's water use is in your food and energy supply chain. Hire Ruddell Environmental to map and analyze your community's supply chains, and to recommend changes in policy and sourcing that will make your community healthier, more secure, and more environmentally sustainable.

More can be read about this analysis on this abstract here:  

Custom Research-Based Consulting

Hire Ruddell Environmental to build a custom research-based solution to your challenging problem! We are fluent in the state of the art in science and engineering research, and if your problem doesn't have a solution yet, we'll invent it.